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We are very grateful to all our supporters. Donations make a real difference to the student experience at Borlase and help us to maintain our outstanding quality of education and to continue to aspire to an even greater future.


Borlase Telethon Team 2017

Josh Bojarzin, Alisdair Brady, Juliette Butler, Katie Fyffe, Toby James, Phoebe Mansfield, Emily Martin, Cameron Murray, Harriet Parfitt, Olivia Reed, Jake Smith, Dominic Tyler, Catrin Williams


As a registered charity we are eligible for Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers. Gift Aid Declaratin form –  Download


Using the latest data available, Borlase is the third worst funded secondary school (or academy) in England, on a per pupil funding basis.

Although the national funding formula per pupil at Borlase is set to rise to a minimum of £4,800, this is not due to happen immediately, possibly not until 2021.  We currently only receive just over £4,300 per pupil, roughly ​ £450 less per pupil than the national minimum.  This means we face a shortfall of around £350,000 each year just to reach this minimum level of funding.

Sixth form funding 5 years ago was funded not per pupil, but per qualification taken. Borlase received in excess of £5000 per pupil overall. The government then switched sixth form funding to a per pupil basis, and made it a national funding formula, set at £4000.  Borlase lost roughly 25% of Sixth Form funding.

The average pupil to teacher ratio across secondary schools nationally is, we believe, just below 15. In September 2017, we calculate it is almost exactly 20. That means, that in one very important measurement, each of our teachers is doing 1/3 more per person than an average teacher nationally.


Borlase is operating against a difficult funding background, but we continue to be even more ambitious. We keep adding more and more opportunities for our children – new activities, competitions, clubs, societies, academic groups and, of course, improving facilities.

We continue to offer a rich curriculum with a wide choice of subjects. We continue to offer practical science as we consider this to be essential for learning and understanding.

We have reduced teacher non-contact to the legal minimum and our class sizes are very efficiently run.

We continue to apply for grants for much needed facility improvements.  We are not permitted to use these funds from grants on any operating costs.  Upon receipt of a grant Borlase is obliged to make a percentage contribution to the building costs, paradoxically, decreasing funds.


This is why we are asking for support from our alumni and parents, so that we do not need to cut back on the education we provide or the breadth of extra-curricular opportunities we give each student at Borlase.

For all enquiries please contact Ilona Cains at or on 01628 816519.