Kay Mountfield - Acting Head Teacher

Kay Mountfield, Acting Head Teacher

Welcome to Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School where we are very proud of our heritage as we approach our 400th birthday and equally excited about the new and innovative opportunities our students and staff lead today.

Our school has a very special energy that comes from the contagious enthusiasm for learning across all subjects; this extends well beyond the classroom through the many independent project groups, academic clubs and societies that flourish at school on a daily basis. Borlasians aspire to achieve their best academically and are unashamedly ambitious in those aims; high achievement comes from the genuine enjoyment of learning and we are committed to fostering that enjoyment in and outside the classroom.

We embrace education in its broadest sense encouraging excellence in sport, in music, dance and the arts, in engineering and scientific innovation and in political and philosophical thinking and discussion. Borlasians are encouraged to be busy, to participate in life to the full, to seize opportunities and to create opportunities for others. In this environment our young people thrive, developing new experiences, growing into confident contributors and leaders and building lifelong friendships. You will see from the comments of Jack and Mary-Anne below how much they value their time at school here. Do arrange a visit and our students will talk to you and show you around the school so you can decide for yourself.

Mary-Anne Grego, Head Girl 2017-2018

“Grammar School” seems too vague a term to describe the experience of Borlase. Although the excellent academic achievements here are widely acknowledged, I believe that Borlase’s true uniqueness lies with the opportunities outside the classroom. The fantastic academic results are just the starting point of the many benefits of Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School. I doubt any other school can offer such a well balanced programme of education and extracurricular, yet provide such constructive and friendly ethos, in which every member of staff supports. Each and every passion is catered for here, whether it be sport, music, physics, german literature …. the list really does go above and beyond. Perhaps it is the atmosphere of possibility and opportunity, or perhaps it is the sense of community which creates this distinct ‘Borlase experience’ (- or it could be the 400 year old cloisters!).

When first coming here, in year 7, I would never have guessed that I would be sat here, writing an article as Head Girl and I owe this debt to Borlase. The academics, extracurricular and sense of community offered to me throughout my time, has truly sculpted me into a well-rounded, confident individual, to which I will be eternally grateful.

Jack Broadbent, Head Boy 2017-18

To be successful at Borlase you have got to throw yourself into it from the onset. This school offers an incredible and diverse range of opportunities in terms of activities and clubs to get involved with, and all of these things help to give you new experiences, discover interests you never knew you had, make great new friends and develop your life skills. No matter whether you join us in year 7, 9 or 12, there is so much going on that you’ll feel very much part of the school from week one. This is also in no small part due to the school’s friendly atmosphere and the impressive amount of teacher support that is readily available. This extends beyond academics, as teachers are also there to support students pastorally from year 7 right up to year 13.

Whether you are an aspiring athlete, talented musician, budding entrepreneur or mathematical genius, this school offers everything to cater for your interests and guide you on the path to a successful future. I can wholeheartedly recommend Borlase to anyone who is prepared to study hard and make the most of what the school has to offer.