University of Birmingham Racing Car Visit

PhySoc and EngSoc hosted three members of the Birmingham University student racing team , including Andrew Evans, a former Borlase student, on Wednesday 17 January. The team very generously brought ‘UB 20’, the twentieth generation of the university’s formula student racing car, to present to us. Built and driven entirely by students, the car is powered by a motorcycle engine and does 0-60 mph in under three seconds. It was displayed in the hall and the team gave a presentation to Britons’ house assembly, before talking to members of PhySoc and EngSoc, as well as an impressive number of younger students, who came at break to see the car and ask questions.

Birmingham were one of the first UK universities to import the Formula Student project from the USA, twenty years ago. It has since become a major UK competition, in which many Universities compete. Teams build a car to compete in four types of dynamic testing – including the 22 km ‘endurance’ race – as well as justifying their design decisions, expenditure etc. and pitching the ‘prototype’ to a panel of judges. The team’s ‘UB 20’ car came second overall last year and won the endurance race.

Alexander Williams (PhySoc leader)