Name Role


Mr M Adamson

Asst.Head, Science (Chemistry), Head of Normans

Mr N Ali

IT & Web Technician

Mrs R Allen

Science Technician (Biology)

Mr I Arriandiaga


Mr B Bagley

Assistant Caretaker

Mrs J E Barnes

PA to Headteacher & Deputy Head, Assistant Exams Officer/Data Manager                                  

Mrs A A Barraclough

Geology, Geography (part-time)

Ms A Barrett

Learning Mentor (Year 8)

Mrs P A Bateman

Head of Religious Studies

Mr A  Bigsby

Design & Technology Technician

Mrs S L Birkett

English (2nd in Dept) (part-time)

Mrs J A Blane


Mrs R G Bond

Head of Psychology

Mrs K Bownass

Learning Mentor (Sixth Form)

Miss M  B Brooke

Head of English, Head of Danes

Mrs J Bungey

English, Head of KS5, Head of Saxons       

Mrs C A Carter

MFL, 2nd in Dept.

Mr K M Chappell

P.E., Hockey

Mrs A Chawla

Director of ICT Services

Mrs J Lewington-Chislett

Performing Arts Technician

Mr J A Clegg

Business Manager

Mrs L B Cupitt-Jones

SIMS Administrator  (part-time)

Mrs S J Davie

Head of Drama (part-time)

Mrs D Davis

Learning Mentor (Year 11)                                                 

Miss N Day


Mrs J Dean

Lunchtime Supervisor, Staff Refreshments (part-time)

Mrs S Dexter

Development Director

Mr R Dowell

Director of Rowing

Mr P C Dwyer


Mr W P Eastwood


Mrs V Farrington

Lunchtime Supervisor/Matron cover (part-time)

Dr K E Ford


Mrs  F L Forrest

English, Head of Britons, Borlasian Editor

Mrs L Fortnam

MFL Administrator (part-time)                             


Mrs C D Garrow

Reception (mornings),  Music Administration

Mr M Glen


Mrs G Godfrey

Art Technician

Ms M Gonzalez-Brew


Mrs C A Goodall

PA to Assistant Heads/Office Admin.

Mr M Hall

Head of Art, Photography

Ms Y Han

Mandarin (part-time)

Mr M Hartley

Music Technology, Technical Theatre, Jam Theatre

Mrs J M Haynes


Miss E Hewitt

School Games Organiser

Mrs G T Hewlett


Mr P W Heywood

Head of Design &Tech, WRL, Head of Britons

Mr S D Hill

Head of KS4, P.E.

Mrs  C A  Hindley

Head of Dance

Mrs W J Hodges

Art & Design (part-time)                                         

Dr  P A Holding


Mrs J M Hopper

Head of MFL,  Head of Normans, Staff Governor

Mr N Horne

Science Technician (Physics)

Mr M Irving

Director of Hockey

Miss R L Irving

Learning Mentor (Year 9)

Mr P V King

Head of Geography & Geology, Economics, Head of Romans

Mr R A Kipping

Site Manager

Mr E S Lee

Assistant Head, Director of Science and Maths, Head of Danes

Mrs L Lee

SSCo, Physical Education (part-time)

Miss N R Long

Music (part-time)                                                                  

Mrs J Lyons

Learning Mentor (Sixth Form)

Miss K J  Maffey

Learning Mentor (Year 10)

Mrs H  Martin

Examinations Officer, Staff Governor

Mr J S  McNally

Head of Business Studies & Economics, Head of Saxons

Mrs A C Merry


Mrs H R  Milne

Head of Biology                                                    

Mrs G B Mitchell

Reception (afternoons), Performing Arts admin.

Mrs I C  Momber

Finance Assistant (part-time)

Mrs M Moore

Head of Maths                                                                

Mrs G Morris

IT & Web Technician

Miss K L Mountfield

Deputy Head


Mr R Neill

Assistant Caretaker

Mr T Ng

Learning Mentor (Year 7)                                                       

Ms C J Nicholls

Chemistry (part-time)

Mrs M T Nixon

Finance Assistant (part-time)

Mrs H J Nunan

Science (Biology)

Mrs A O’Hara

Sports Admin. Assistant  (part-time)                          

Dr D B Parsons

Director of Music, Staff Governor

Mrs F W  Pryor

Business Studies, Economics, Geography (part-time)

Mr C A Robertson

Head of Physical Education

Mrs S Robinson

Science Technician (Chemistry)

Miss T L  Robinson

Cover Supervisor, Admin.Asst (part-time)

Mr H W Robson

English, Organist

Mrs K L Rooke

Biology (part-time)

Mrs N Shackell



Careers Advisor, Work Experience

Mr J E Simpson

Head of History and Government & Politics

Mrs E M Singh

Head of Chemistry

Mrs P C  Sloots

French (part-time)


Mrs K A  Stirling

History, Government & Politics (2nd in Department)

Miss R Tabone

P.E. (2nd in Department), PSHCE, Psychology


Maths (2nd in Department),  Head of Vikings

Mrs D Tinn

Maths (part-time)

Mrs M G Tolson

Head of Key Stage 3, Design & Technology, PSHCE

Mrs A E Topley


Mrs L K Walder


Mrs H Waneis

Science Technician (KS3)

Mrs E Watson


Miss H M Webber

Head of Physics

Mr T A Weeden

Director of Sport, PE, CSLA

Mr B Wilds

Assistant Caretaker (part-time/weekends)

Mrs C Williams


Miss R M Williams

Assistant Head, SENCo, Head of Vikings

Mr R Wood

Design & Technology




Chairman of Governors:

Mr J Whitehead

Parent Governors:


Mr M Coster

Mr J Biggs


Mr M Santa-Olalla

Mr T Bownass


Mr A Norris

Mr I Duguid


Mr A Handford

Mrs F Jackson


Mr D Hooper

Mrs A Jones

Staff Governors:

Mrs J Hopper

Mr P Kelly


Mrs H Martin

Mr B Raffles


Dr B Parsons





Board of Trustees

Mr M Appleyard
Mr T Brown
Judge C Elly (Chairman)
Mr D Grieve MP
Dr P Holding
Mr J Whitehead

Members of the Academy Trust

Mr J Whitehead
Mrs F Jackson
Mrs S Marsh
Mr A Norris
MR B Raffles