Convergence 2019 – Dance show success!

This year’s dance show was entitled Convergent – it brought together different styles and themes into a three -act performance unified by the outstanding quality, commitment and inventive choreography in each act. With about 150 performers from years 7 to 13 and choreography by students and the dance teachers, it was an evening of highly polished and innovative dance.

Act 1 comprised of a newly choreographed three-movement piece – Family Portrait using the dancers from all three movements, followed by a reprise performance of the World War One act – Bloodshed – from B2, our Boys’ Company, and closing with the moving final act Homecoming. The whole piece was a beautifully choreographed and poignant interpretation of the pain and loss of war.

The mood changed in Act 2 as the Senior Dance Club burst on to the stage with Mwah. Choreographed by A Level Dancers Kitty and Holly this was a highly energetic piece of Dance, a great showcase for the talents of the girls. The KS3 Dance Club, Impulse, performed Natural. Rosie Lewis and Jodie Brown had choreographed this piece for year 7 and 8 dancers and it was clear that the future of Borlase Dance is very promising indeed. The dancers were spot on in their accuracy and energy.

We were treated to a number of the A Level and GCSE dances and these gave the audience an insight into the very high standards required to achieve these examinations in Dance. Pastiche by Year 11, Shadows by Year 10 and 24/7 by year 9 were both excellent pieces. Hands, Los Espiritos and Tweed Days in St Louis by the A Level dancers were all highly creative and original pieces of choreography. We were also treated to the choreography of our dance teacher Adam Galbraith in the form of piece called 5 a.m. danced by our elite dance company EVOLVE.

I must also single out the outstanding performance of the Latin and Ballroom Club. Their tango choreographed by Imogen Baguley and danced with great confidence and style by an equally balanced male/ female troupe was very exciting. Strictly in year 8 clearly had a lasting impact on those year 10/11 dancers.

The final Act, Plastic Fantastic was both highly entertaining and powerful in its social and political message. The plastic superheroes and plastic Barbie dolls were entertaining to watch but we were reminded of their impact on the environment. The final movement evoked the pitiful suffocation of our wildlife in a world that we have tarnished with our throwaway plastic culture. Sometimes dance can be as powerful as a thousand words.