Kay Mountfield - Head Teacher

Kay Mountfield, Head Teacher

Welcome to Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School where we are very proud of our heritage as we approach our 400th birthday and equally excited about the new and innovative opportunities our students and staff lead today.

Our school has a very special energy that comes from the contagious enthusiasm for learning across all subjects; this extends well beyond the classroom through the many independent project groups, academic clubs and societies that flourish at school on a daily basis. Borlasians aspire to achieve their best academically and are unashamedly ambitious in those aims; high achievement comes from the genuine enjoyment of learning and we are committed to fostering that enjoyment in and outside the classroom.

We embrace education in its broadest sense encouraging excellence in sport, in music, dance and the arts, in engineering and scientific innovation and in political and philosophical thinking and discussion. Borlasians are encouraged to be busy, to participate in life to the full, to seize opportunities and to create opportunities for others. In this environment our young people thrive, developing new experiences, growing into confident contributors and leaders and building lifelong friendships. You will see from the comments of Alex and Alexandra below how much they value their time at school here. Do arrange a visit and our students will talk to you and show you around the school so you can decide for yourself.

Alexandra Rowlands, Head Girl 2018-2019

It is a real privilege to be a head prefect at any school, but I feel particularly lucky to have been given this opportunity at Borlase. There is no doubt that the school has helped me, over the course of my time here, to find who I am; arriving in year 7, with very little idea of what I should expect, I was instantly taken up in the whirlwind of school life. I met teachers with whom I have lasting relationships, their passions for each subject apparent from the very beginning; I made friends who I spend time with to this day, and I have discovered interests of my own thanks to the guidance and encouragement of everyone here. The competitions, societies, sports and trips have added another vivid dimension to my school career, and I have been able to learn skills which I will surely take with me into the future.

This account of a Borlase experience is by no means unique; everyone here enjoys all that the school has to offer (which is a lot!), and the atmosphere is one of constant excitement, action and electricity. Each student starts secondary school in the hope that they will find their tribe, and it is safe to say that I have found mine here at Borlase.

 Alex Lyons, Head Boy 2018-19

Our community, put simply, is remarkable. Borlase stands as a beacon of educational excellence, with monumental accomplishment trailed by our students along every path in life. Exceptional academic achievements arise naturally from the incomparably outstanding teaching quality; immensely friendly, nurturing environment; and drive among the student body to surpass all expectations. Yet our nationally competitive grades are supportively underpinned with a vibrant myriad of enriching opportunities. To attempt a list of these is a disservice to the countless examples missed here amongst the rest: we have every door opened to us, be it artistic, cultural, sporting, scientific or spiritual. Within each academic year, experiences range for Borlasians from writing in the shadows of Lord Byron along moonlit Venetian piazzas, to launching space programs in Alabama with NASA. Productions or concerts rival West End equivalents, and our sports teams (though wholly welcoming of all abilities) perform globally. Borlase facilitates every passion, both across the years of schooling, and post-Sixth Form, allowing students to hold the lives they dream of leading. Having only arrived for Year Twelve, I can vouch with vast knowledge of Berkshire, Surrey, Lancashire and Buckinghamshire school systems, that Borlase outshines all others. What happens here is magical. There is no better foundation to build upon: 394 years of tradition have formed our community’s groundworks. Borlasians embark upon life’s journey as tolerant, moral, intellectual, innovative, aspirational leaders, who will grasp greatness with eager, open arms. I cannot praise, nor thank Borlase enough for everything it offers.