Junior Concert, 21 June 2018

The Junior Concert is always a massive success, and this year was no exception. Every year it showcases the vast amount of musical talent from Years 7-10. From orchestral pieces and group ensembles to solo performances – the variety is always huge. The solo pieces ranged from classical piano to enthusiastic pop songs – and, as always is with Borlase, the standard was as high as you could imagine. The stellar performances by groups such as Youth Voices, Junior Orchestra, Junior Girls’ Choir, Cambiata and Junior Jazz were sure to inspire many more to enroll in the extracurricular clubs, including the Year 9 Junior Girls’ performance of ABBA’s ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ – a heartwarming goodbye to those moving into the senior music groups that Year 10 has to offer. In addition, this year we also had the chance to witness a Guys and Dolls medley from our junior musical cast!

The Junior Concert is a great chance for students to perform to teachers, family and friends the music they love and have such fun doing so. It is one of the many musical opportunities available here at Borlase and we, personally, have always loved it every year. It is an event to definitely take part in.

As always, we would all like to thank the accompanists, the conductors of the musical groups – Mrs Ross, Mr Davie and Mrs Redgard-Stiler, and, of course, Mr Miall and our musical department, without whom none of the juniors would be able to have these wonderful opportunities to perform and show off their innumerable musical talents.

By Rheya Dharwar and Sophie Le Duc (Year 9) and Sacha Smith (Year 7)