MFL News – German Exchange 2019

Borlase students welcomed their partner from Gymnasium Saarburg for the inward leg of the German exchange from May 4th – 11th. Several of our hosts had a Duke of Edinburgh expedition weekend as the partners arrived, but the remainder of the group generously entertained our guests with a range of activities taking in May Bank holiday activities, craft fairs, barbecues and a chance to see a typical morning’s rowing training!

On the main programme our visitors enjoyed trips to Windsor, and extended guided tour in Oxford, a day in school in lessons with their partners and group lessons in history and music. (The reflections that the German visitors had on their day in school will be a fascinating point of reference for our comparison of the German system when we visit in June.) As a joint trip we headed to London, with a panoramic view of the city from the London Eye and then a guided tour of the Tower of London where both Borlase and Saarburg students were able to improve their knowledge of history!

We were sad to see our partners go, the return leg will be here soon, from June 8-15. We’re looking forward to a day in the German school, visits to historic Trier and Cochem, to Völklingen and SaarLouis as well as a chance to get to know the picturesque town of Saarburg itself with its castle, bell foundry, waterfalls and nearby spectacular scenic views over the ‘Saarschleife’

Most of all, however, the students are looking forward to consolidating their friendships with young and like-minded Germans and to developing their cultural knowledge of Germany. The school has been awarded a grant from the UK-German Connection to support our outward trip in recognition of the support and commitment of the German government for cultural exchanges of this type. Watch out for the students’ reports and videos coming your way from September onwards.