The Arts

The school was awarded Specialist status for the Performing Arts in 2005; 12 years on Music, Drama and Dance remain a very important part of the school’s ethos. We value all the creative arts and believe strongly in the entitlement of all young people to experience specialist teaching of these subjects, giving them the opportunity to develop their confidence, creativity and skills. The school’s culture is one where pupils share and appreciate one another’s work through regular performance opportunities in assemblies; we recognise the positive impact this has on their confidence when giving presentations in all academic and discussion forums. Music, Drama, Dance and Art are studied by all Key Stage 3 pupils and the subjects are popular at GCSE and A Level with boys and girls. Technical Theatre is also taught in the Sixth Form which complements the learning of our Arts students and our Engineers interested in acoustic and lighting design.

The Arts are not only taught as subjects in their own right, they are also used in other subject areas as part of their creative approaches to teaching and learning. Dance has been used to explore topics across academic disciplines including Electricity in Physics, Elements in Chemistry and Verb-Endings in Modern Foreign Languages! The Drama department collaborated with MFL in 2014 and 2016 in staging productions of Brecht’s Die Gute Mensch and Ionesco’s Rhinoceros.