Why Support Us?

The culture of giving at Borlase is as old as the school itself.

Indeed, we owe our very foundation to the generosity and foresight of Sir William Borlase who, in 1624 and in memory of his son Henry who died that same year, decided to build a “free school” in the town, in order “to teach twenty-four poor children to write, read and cast accounts, such as their parents and friends are not able to maintain at school”.

He thus paved the way for a tradition of giving and giving back to the school that has, quite literally, shaped the school that exists today.

Without your generosity, Sir William Borlase’s could not have survived to become the outstanding school it is today. 

The generosity of our Old Borlasians, parents and friends is now helping us to fund our outstanding extra-curricular programme which provides enrichment opportunities for all Borlasians. The Here&Now Fund supports and supplements over 50 programmes at Borlase that would not otherwise be available through the school budget.

Maths and Languages Olympiads, Science Crest Awards, Computing Clubs, Robot Wars, Chess Clubs, EngSoc, PhysSoc, ChemSoc, BioSoc, MedSoc, LawSoc, FemSoc, PolSoc, LitSoc, Debating, MUN Debating, Rowing, Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Cheerleading, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Street, Boys’ Company, EVOLVE, Youth Dance Company, Cantorum, Madriguys, Gospel Choir, Chapel Choir, Youth Voices, Junior Girls’ and Boys’ Choirs, Plays, Musical Theatre Productions, Technical Theatre, Rock and Jazz, Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Strings, Languages Extravaganzas, The Borlasian Magazine, House Competitions, International trips, Theatre visits, prize.



Join our community of alumni, parents and friends helping to ensure that Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School remains the outstanding school we all know and love.