UK Space Day

On Friday 22 March, Year 7’s enjoyed a series of hands on Space Experience Workshops designed to enlighten young people on how STE(A)M is fun, interesting and results in a rewarding career. The important addition of the (A) in STEM emphasises creative ingenuity, to enable young people to develop the skills they need for life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With the UK entering a new space age, seven in 10 UK space industry organisations expect to grow over the next 3 years. As satellites become cheaper to build and are being launched more frequently than ever before, the UK Space Agency aims to make the UK the first country in Europe to offer small commercial satellite launches and sub-orbital flights for science and tourism. Year 7’s were very creative and made the most spectacular Satellites. They then constructed Rocket launchers and raced them along the hall. The event was accredited by Industrial Cadets at Challenger level, providing each student with an industry-led award recognising the employability skills, personal learning and thinking skills they have developed during their experience.

Thank you to Mrs Barclay for arranging this exciting event for them.