Year 12 Masterclass

This year’s Masterclass for Year 12 took place on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of May. We had 50 speakers over the two days providing career workshops made up of alumni, parents and volunteers from external local companies.

A wide variety of careers were represented including Medicine, Nursing, , Finance, Business, Running your own business, TV Industry, Law, Engineering, Marketing and Product Development, Languages, Army, RAF, Sport, Sponsorship, AI, Podcating, Event Management, Journalism, Media, Politics, Cyber Security, Pharmaceuticals

Whilst also talking about their careers and giving advice to the students speakers gave interactive workshops to give an insight into their daily role.

Kathrin Setchell, Research and Development at Pladis, gave us an overview of the many and varied roles of Engineers in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Students did a Quality Assessment on the Jaffa Cake, inspected the primary packaging looking for excess film and then examined the cake, (or is it a biscuit!) for appearance, aroma and flavour. Finally they completed an Ishikawa analysis of what went wrong. However it all went right in the end when the conclusion involved eating the Jaffa cakes.

Freya Sampson, TV production, lead a lively session in which she asked students to take inspiration from a newspaper or magazine article to come up with an interesting idea for an entertainment programme. Ideas ranged from an immersive reality show set in the heart of the French countryside, to creating dishes using insects and invertebrates and asking the unsuspecting public to try them (Freya raised questions about the ethics of this!), to introducing pre-school children to the residents of an elderly care home to see how the relationships between them developed. Freya was so passionate about her job, and her enthusiasm was infectious; her insights into the industry and tips on how to get ahead will no doubt stand our students in good stead.

We had two great keynote speakers. Mark Gloyens, alumnus and founder of the successful local Rebellion Brewery. He gave great advice to our students to follow their passion and even if it doesn’t work out first time to persevere.

Adrian Marsh, a Year 12 parent and Careers Coach, explained that a person’s career is a journey and not a destination that is set in stone at the age of 16 or 17. His personal experience of having many different jobs demonstrated the interesting twists and turns a person’s life can take and that you may end up working at a job you didn’t even know existed when you were at school.

This is what our speakers say

‘Taking part in the Masterclass sessions was great fun and very inspiring. The students were able to assimilate new concepts very quickly. They responded effectively to a variety of real-life scenarios and challenges in developing and marketing new pharmaceuticals’
Dr Leo James

‘The students were excellent… their approach to problem solving, team-work and level of engagement was brilliant…. and as ever, so full of positive Borlase energy’
Victoria Coe Hatch Innovations

This is how valuable Masterclass is to our students

‘Although not all masterclasses directly related to my future aspirations, it was equally as interesting to get the perspective of what other professions involved. It provided an understanding of different career paths that I didn’t have before.’

‘Really interesting new options were opened up. Made me realise that a lot of opportunities are currently available to us in the future’

‘Having the ability to talk to professionals in order to delve deeper into an aspect of a certain career’

‘Having an insight into the journey’s each of the speakers took and understanding how they got to where they are now. I also found that all of the speakers were very open to answering questions about their careers which was extremely helpful.’

‘The wide range of careers available – including perhaps more unusual jobs that have not been considered before.’

The sixth form team would like to thank all our speakers and staff who helped make this, once again, a huge success. Once a Borlasian, always a Borlasian…










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