Year 7 Trip to Boulogne

Just before half term, our Year 7 students travelled to Boulogne in Northern France to practise their language skills and to sample some French culture and lifestyle. They had a very early start to get to the Eurotunnel and arrived in the middle of the morning in the beautiful town of Boulogne-sur-Mer. There the students were able to spend some time exploring the town and visiting the local shops. Many of them bought berets and souvenirs to take home. During the day, each group visited a local snail farm and a boulangerie. At the snail farm the students learned all about how the snails are bred and farmed as well as even having a tasting session at the end of their visit. At the boulangerie, they met the funny French baker who taught them how to make croissants and pastries. Again, the students were lucky enough to sample their wares. Here are some comments from the students. We think you’ll agree that a lovely time was had by all. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff who accompanied the 120 students on the trip.

“The coach journey was brilliant, we sang songs, talked to our friends and watched the amazing entry into the Eurotunnel”

“We were on a train at the bottom of the English Channel hurtling towards the French coast”

“We enjoyed French baked goods and most of us bought souvenirs from the gift shops”

“They let us hold the snails and I got a little too excited and carried 17 snails on my body!”

“We ate snails – well, most of us did – and learnt about how they grow”

“We had a brilliant day, from visiting a boulangerie to eating crepes with our friends”

“We learnt how croissants and bread were made and had a go for ourselves”

“Boulogne was such an amazing school trip and an amazing way to learn more French and see the lifestyle of a French person”