Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

COVID 19 and Borlase@Home

 It is now no longer advised that students and staff wear masks in school and the recommendation to test twice weekly has been lifted.

However - we want to support safety at school we recommend:

  • Students do not attend school if they have a positive result or have COVID-19 symptoms (5 days - return on 6th day) This is the current NHS recommendation.

  • Students no longer need to test routinely. 

  • Students do not need to wear masks in school, unless they choose to do so.

  • Students should ALWAYS carry tissues/ a handkerchief to catch coughs/sneezes.

  • Students and staff should wash hands regularly and use hand sanitiser - this will avoid the spread of general infections and illnesses which everyone also wants to avoid.

 We ask students to respect one another's personal space and manage coughs and sneezes appropriately.  We will also ventilate rooms, taking account of the need for balance between ventilation and acceptable temperatures for working.  We will monitor the situation and follow our contingency plans as needed. There will no longer be a need for coats indoors; the warmer weather, combined with the heating, enables everyone to be much more comfortable in classrooms.

The school would return to testing and/or mask-wearing in the event of an outbreak. We may spot test a year group if we have a concern (respecting agreed exemptions); advance warning would be given.