Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Fitness for All Campaign

Physical Activity, Academic Success and Good Mental Health – it’s a win win!

For many years Borlase has been amongst the very best state grammar schools in the country. Its reputation, founded on an unbroken tradition of excellence in the education and development of bright, enthusiastic and well-rounded students, remains as strong now as it has ever been. Everything that we do at Borlase, we do together. This sense of a community, working and playing together sits at the heart of the school’s ethos and, for generation after generation, this has contributed greatly to the experience of our students, parents and staff.

And yet the school has no suitable space in which the student community can come together to enjoy physical activity.  To celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Borlase, the Headteacher and the Board of Governors resolved to create a state of the art sports facility that will solve this dilemma.

Building works have already begun thanks to a successful Government bid in 2018 and our new facility will be open to all students by March 2021.   A major part of this new development will be a state-of-the-art fitness suite; however, the Government grant does not include funding for the equipment needed in the fitness suite.  Our vision is that this fitness suite becomes a hub for all students to enjoy enhancing our sense of togetherness and strengthening our vision that physical activity be part of every child’s daily life during all stages of school life.

Why do we need a Fitness Suite?

Sport, physical and mental well-being is an integral part of the curriculum at Borlase. We know that children who are encouraged to take part in physical activity achieve higher grades, have reduced stress, improved moods, sleep and self-esteem.  Providing them with the best possible facility will inspire our pupils to be active and will support them in facing the challenges and stresses of modern life.

Where will it be built?

The fitness suite will be built inside the new sports hall building creating a fresh space where all students will have the opportunity to use the facility both as part of the curriculum and before or after school.

What will the fitness suite space be like?

Our vision is to create three key areas for our students to use.  A cardio area, a push pull area (both with machines) and a free area which will include the use of free weights, dumbbells and a TRX.  This area will also be an area for pre and post workout stretching.  During the school day the space will be used as part of the curriculum from year 7 to year 13.  It will have a huge impact on learning as we are currently unable to use our gym equipment for teaching purposes due to the lack of space and the state of the equipment.

What will the fitness suite be used for?

The fitness suite will be our home for lessons, and be used by students and staff both before and after school.  It will be a state-of-the-art facility that will offer students and everything that a school of Borlase’s stature should provide.  No longer will we have to limit access to a fitness suite (with very limited equipment) until a student is in year 10.  No longer will the fitness equipment just be for 20 elite athletes to use before school.  The fitness suite will be a hub for all of our students from Year 7 upwards to use, ensuring that physical activity is part of their daily life.

What will it cost?

Following a rigorous design and specification process, the School has received costing for the fitness suite. Although this has helped to provide more clarity on the cost of the equipment we need, the School is acutely aware that the very best value must be achieved for this donor-funded project. Discussions with the key providers are ongoing, with the objective of securing a set up cost for the fitness suite of £60K.