Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Teaching and Learning

From Monday 11 January, the school will move to full teaching in the Borlase@Home online environment.   This necessitates some changes from the special COVID-19 school timetable that we have had in place since September, was designed to ensure that social distancing and year group bubbles could be maintained on the school site but which is not conducive to effective, long-term remote learning. 

Students have now been sent their 2 week timetable (an A week and a B week) and we will return to 5 lessons across the school day.  The lessons will follow the schedule set out below.  As this lockdown is occurring in Winter months, rather than the Spring and Summer, we have designed the day to give students, teachers and families plenty of break time in the middle of the day, when it is lightest and brightest.  We have also ensured that there are screen breaks between lessons, to give everyone the chance to get up and take a quick moment away from the computer.

Start time End time  
0840 0900 Registration, followed by tutor time or assembly
0900 0950 Period 1
0950 1000 Mini break
1000 1050 Period 2
1050 1120 Morning break - screen off, get up, get active
1120 1210 Period 3
1210 1330 Lunch - screen off, get up, get active
1330 1420 Period 4
1420 1430 Mini break
1430 1520 Period 5

During the Borlase@Home period, we make a distinction between Active and Independent lessons.  For both type of lesson, the teacher will be online, present in the class's Google Meet, linked through the Google Classroom.  In Active lessons, the teacher will directly lead an online lesson, engaging with students throughout the lesson.  In Independent lessons, the teacher will register the group and will then set them off on an independent task but will remain present in the Google Meet (as should the students) in case of questions.