Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Partnership with Young Carers Bucks

School partners with Young Carers Bucks to create a fully supportive learning environment for student carers

Sir William Borlase Grammar School is very committed to supporting our students who are young carers. We have recently partnered up with Young Carers Bucks with the aim of creating a welcoming, safe and fully supportive learning environment within the school for all our young carers. Data suggests that 1 in every 12 secondary school students has caring responsibilities. This may mean that they have to undertake practical tasks at home, such as cooking, cleaning, shopping or emotional support to a relative. Whilst many young carers may not actively provide support; their lives may be impacted resulting in social isolation and a lack of typical opportunities such as having friends visit the home or sporting clubs. We are aware that Young Carers can have a difficult time juggling the demands of home life and education. Lateness, lack of concentration, absence and tiredness can all result in lower grades and opportunities. We also know that by supporting our young carers we can improve their school life. In the next academic year we would love to create a group to bring together our young carers on a regular basis. This group will be a student led, fun, safe space for students to meet and socialise with other young carers. If you (or your son or daughter) are a young carer, or you think you might be, please speak to Mrs Rigg who will give you more information.