Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Autumn Chamber Concert

Musical calendar at Borlase kicked off the new term with the Autumn Chamber Concert

This year, the musical calendar at Borlase was kicked off with the Autumn Chamber Concert, displaying the musical talent of students from Year 7 to 13. The concert started with violinist Jack Francis, who played Vivaldi’s Allegro confidently and expertly. Then Lauren Bull performed So in Love from Kiss Me Kate, a brilliantly written, emotive piece of music. Next, Lois Jenkins played the guitar piece, Heart of Spain with talent and chill. Fin Engelberts skilfully followed with Gabriel’s Oboe, performed on- you guessed it- an oboe. After Fin’s amazing performance, Edward Bunting sang a fun piece called The Owls, singing beautifully and telling the story of the song wonderfully. Next, Ethan Currie played By The Limpid Stream astonishingly, and as an amateur pianist, I am jealous of his talent! This was followed by Logan Foster-Lyons, who expertly performed Neon by John Mayer, a funky piece for both guitar and voice. 

Next, Ruby Sharma performed Fantasia No. 12 on her flute, and although I know nothing about flute, I know she played insanely well! Then Eliska Hodkova skilfully sang The Bird’s Lament, with envying control and talent. Next, Jagat Klair played I Hear What You Say beautifully, making the audience sway in their seats. Imogen Downes then played Aria on the flute, skilfully and elegantly. Then Max Robinson sang a fun piece called Monsters, with charm and fun. The concert ended with a bang as Mahlee Lelyveld performed a fun trombone piece with bravado. Overall the evening was very successful, with both the performers and the audience members leaving smiling.

Lauren Bull, Year 12