Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

MFL Bake-Off Competition

Borlase show's off baking talents at Annual MFL Bake-Off Competition

We were thrilled to see such a fantastic, creative and decorative array of cakes entered into our  MFL Bake-off Competition, an annual event held to mark the European Day of Languages on the 26th September. Thank you so much to all those who contributed - we think we had the most cakes ever!  The staff, particularly Mr Goodall, were so impressed with how many entered and the quality of the entries.  This made judging very difficult!  

Thank you must also go to Mrs Fortnam and Mr Campbell for the two staff entries!

Our list of winners and commendations is below:

Best Overall: 

Emily Hillier (Year 12) with her fabulous Regional Specialities of France cake

Best Overall Runner Up

Eleanor Clayton & Erin & Sophia Mikkelborg (Year 10) for their amazing Taco cake

Most Creative

1. Rosie Dean & Ella Jones (Year 7) with their incredible Marie Antoinette cake - excellent historical knowledge and very imaginative cake!

2. Jemima Stern (Year 8) with an amazing Arc de Triomphe cake

3. Lana Hull (Year 7) - for her very realistic "Camembert" cake!

Most Authentic:

1. James Smith (Year 8) -  for his delicious Apfelkuchen  

2. Poppy Fleming-Evans (Year 8)  for her beautiful canelés

3. Toby Dickinson (Year 12) for superb profiteroles

Best Appearance:

1. Cordelia Harling (Year 9) - for a stunning Mexican Confetti Cake - with hidden sweets inside! 

2. Jack Northover (Year 7), Zack Harding (Year 7) and Oli Burns  (Year 7)- Le Pain - for a  very realistic-looking baguette!

3. Isla Lombardo (Year 7) - for a fantastic Italian-themed cake

Special Commendations

Eda Atabek (Year 7), Holly Barlow (Year 7), JJ Hillier (Year 8) , Baxter Robinson (Year 7), Annie Baxter (Year 7), Georgia White (Year 8)

Well done to all participants!

The MFL department