Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Spring Chamber Concert, 21 March

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This term’s chamber concert was one of the largest turnouts to date, with nearly 30 students performing. We heard a fantastic range of performances - from musical theatre to Beethoven - with the concert being the first for some, and the last for others. The night started with year 13’s Ruby Sharma performing a Poulenc Sonata, which was performed with great maturity and flair, immediately followed by an impressive piano performance from year 7’s Nikolas Hargreaves. We then heard from lots of talented singers, as well as various groups, such as Junior Violin Ensemble and the Cambiata boys. The night ended with Year 13’s Bobby Norris performing Try a Little Tenderness, a 1930s classic performed with great sensitivity and control. The night was a great appreciation of the talented musicians within the school!

Naomi Box 
Year 13