Sir William Borlase's Grammar School


Information about admissions to Borlase can be found below.   Full information about the curriculum followed at Borlase, including A level options subjects, can be found on our Academic Departments page.

Year 7 Admission

Moving up to Secondary School in 2020

Admission to the school in Years 7 is overseen by Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) and is dependent  on performance in tests produced by GL Assessment. Most pupils take the ’11+’ in the first term of Year 6 and sit these tests in their own primary school.  Further information about the tests is available here.

Please note that  due to Covid-19 these dates have been moved to later in the Autumn term than previously planned

Secondary Transfer Testing Registration

Children born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 will be moving up to secondary school to begin Year 7 in September 2021. If you would like your child to go to a Buckinghamshire grammar school then they need to take the Transfer Tests.

Secondary Transfer Test Timeline for 2020 Entry:

5 May 2020 (3pm) – online test registration opens

25 June 2019 (3pm) – Registration closes

27-30 October 2020 – Practice and and Secondary Transfer Test for out of County children

2-5 November 2020 - Practice and Secondary Transfer Test for children attending Buckinghamshire primary and Partner schools

30 November 2020 - Test Results Published

1 March 2021 - National Offer Day

Who needs to register for the Secondary Transfer Test?

Children who attend a Buckinghamshire LA primary school are automatically registered and will sit the test in their current school.

Children who attend Partner Schools need to be registered for testing, however, they will sit the test in their current school.

Children who attend all other schools will need to be registered for testing, and will sit the test at central venues in Buckinghamshire.

How do parents register for Testing?

Buckinghamshire County Council are using an online application portal for parents to register their child for testing.

This year parents will register their child for testing on a new online portal, designed specifically for testing registration and this will be accessed on the Grammar Schools and Transfer Test page on their website. Those parents that need to register their child should use this route no matter where they live. If a family has difficulty in accessing the internet, we would recommend they ask a friend or relative, visit their local library or ask their child’s school if they can assist.

Admission procedures can be confusing. It is very important that you contact the Admissions team at County Hall, Aylesbury, Bucks to ensure that you receive the most current information and the necessary application forms.  The Admissions telephone number is no longer in service and all queries must be made via their web site on

Late Entry and Immediate Admission

Students who have moved into the local area during the current Academic Year may apply for immediate admission to Years 7, 8 or 9.

Please contact both us and the admissions team at Buckinghamshire County Council for guidance.

Late Entry Transfer for September 2021 (Years 8 & 9)

Entry into Years 8, 9 & 10 is via direct application to the school.  We are now open to receive applications for year 9 testing  for entry in September 2021.  Please read the Admissions Policy for further information.

An application form is available here.

Admission to Years 8, 9 and 10 will be handled in accordance with the school’s late transfer procedure in the Admission Policy. The school operates a three-year Key Stage 4, with GCSE work starting in September of Year 9. Only in exceptional cases will any place be offered in Year 9 after 31 December  or at any time in Year 10 or 11, because of the nature of the GCSE course, even when the year group is below our published Admission number.

The academic suitability of candidates seeking admission will be assessed through curriculum based tests in English and Mathematics, Science and a Modern Foreign Language. Candidates will be required to achieve a minimum standard in each of the tests in order to qualify for admission.

Candidates are required to demonstrate that they achieved 110 in Key Stage 2 SATs. Students who attended schools which did not participate in the national tests will be required to submit alternative evidence to demonstrate that they have achieved an equivalent standard. This evidence will be reviewed by a panel of Curriculum Area Team Leaders chaired by the Headteacher.

Please note students who passed tests for entry into year 8 and who have been on the waiting list, will need to apply to join year 9 and sit the year 9 entry test.

Applications, including all supporting information, can be posted to the school and should be marked Late Entry Application, or they can be emailed to

Please note we currently have no vacancies in our current years: 7, 8 or 9 (19.03.2021)