Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

British Values

At Borlase, British values are covered not only through explicit teaching in PSHE lessons in Years 7-11 but also through tutor activities, assemblies and wider extra-curricular opportunities.  The values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs are framed in a universal, as well as a British, context. 


At Borlase, the value of democracy is embedded within our understanding of our rights and responsibilities as citizens.  At school, we give students the chance to develop an understanding of active, responsible citizenship through abiding by the school's rules and seeing how their voice can be heard within lessons, the tutor and House system and through the whole-school council.  Our oldest students are asked to give their opinion as to who would best represent them on the prefect body and, as they reach the voting age, they are provided with an insight into the part they can play in our democracy through Masterclasses and the weekly lecture series. 

The Rule of Law

An understanding of the importance of the rule of law comes through being part of a community regulated by rules that protect all of us.  During PSHE and through specific subjects such as History and English, students are able to explore the importance of living in a society in which the rule of law is respected.  Assemblies are also used to reinforce this message, and to help students to interpret national and international affairs.  At key points in their journey through secondary school, students are specifically introduced to their responsibilities under the law - with regards to issues such as consent, drugs, alcohol and driving.

Individual Liberty

Students at Borlase are given the opportunity to exercise individual liberty through being free to make choices, but understanding that their choices come with responsibility.  Through Philosophy and Ethics classes in Year 9, students are introduced to the philosophical underpinnings of our concept of liberty, looking at the work of J.S. Mill specifically.  

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Borlase students are provided with a knowledge and understanding of different world faiths through RS lessons in Key Stage 3 and through assemblies that explore major festivals and their significance to members of our community.  The value of Respect is one of our core school values, and Borlase students clearly understand that to Follow Things Worthy means to be respectful and tolerant of others.