Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Careers Education

Aims & Objectives of the Borlase Careers Programme 

At Sir William Borlase's Grammar School, our aim is to ensure that every student receives a comprehensive careers education to assist them to develop employability skills and knowledge of available pathways to enable them to make informed decisions following Year 11 or Year 13. 

In January 2018 the DofE issued a new Statutory Careers Guidance which outlined the 8 Gatsby benchmarks that schools should meet by 2020. The Benchmarks are as follows:- 

Benchmark 1 - A stable career programme 

Benchmark 2 - Learning from career and labour market information 

Benchmark 3 - Addressing the needs of each student 

Benchmark 4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers 

Benchmark 5 - Encounters with employers and employees 

Benchmark 6 - Experience of workplaces 

Benchmark 7 - Encounters with further and higher education 

Benchmark 8 - Personal Guidance 

Currently, the majority of the requirements have been met, and we are actively working to achieving all Benchmarks by 2023. 

Overview of Career Provision 

Students follow a structured programme of Careers lessons which are delivered during PSHE lessons and in tutor time. Students have access to career software available via the school's Careers Website and student access to the Unifrog tool. 

Students have the opportunity to engage with employers via school trips, enterprise activities, industry competitions, career presentations and work experience. 

Advice and guidance in respect of career pathways include: University, Higher Education, Further Education, 6th Form colleges and apprenticeship providers and employer opportunities. Careers opportunities received from local companies are publicised to students via our weekly newsletters. 

Local labour market information is available via the student and teacher login and at

Sir William Borlase's Grammar School Career Contacts

Borlase staff who are involved in the delivery of the Career programme are as follows:- 

Enterprise Advisors 

Our wider Careers team includes our CEC Enterprise Advisors Stuart Foster and Kally Kang Kersey. They support the careers programme providing links to local business networks, in addition to assisting the school in a variety of activities that are effective in motivating students in encouraging them to make independent choices to achieve positive outcomes.

Provider Access 

Borlase is open for other providers to attend the school to speak to students;  this might include other educational establishments, apprenticeship/training providers and employers. Any organisation that would like to visit Borlase should put their request in writing to Mrs Wingrove, Careers Lead. 

Assessment of the impact of the careers programme on students 

We are revising our regular questionnaire to evaluate the impact of the careers programme on students.

Parents and students will be sent an annual survey for feedback in respect of the career provision delivered at Borlase. Survey information received will be published on the Borlase Careers website