Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Choosing a Course of Study

As part of the application process, all student will meet with the Headteacher, Miss Mountfield or the Deputy Headteacher, Mr Simpson in order to discuss their course choices.

When thinking about your course of study, you might want to consider the following points:

1. Students achieve their best grades in subjects they enjoy. Choose A Level subjects you look forward to studying in depth and would enjoy reading above and beyond the syllabus.

2. Choose subjects that allow you to demonstrate your strengths. There is a big step up from GCSE to A Level; talk to your teachers about your potential at this level.

3. Many graduate professions do not require specific degree subjects; therefore, studying subjects that enable you to take a degree which genuinely interests you is good advice.

4. Some degree courses do require specific A Levels; be aware what A Levels are accepted for degree courses that interest you.

5. Many of you will not know what career, university course or professional training you want to pursue in the future. Selecting the A Levels that will best reflect your ability and interests will help you achieve your best grades.

You need to select three subject choices. Maths with Further Maths, although 2 A Levels, only counts as one subject choice here at Borlase.

Enrichment subjects can be discussed in the meeting with Miss Mountfield or Mr Simpson.