Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

House System

The House system at Borlase is a very important part of the school’s ethos and Borlasians are incredibly loyal to their House.

Pupils belong to House- based, vertical tutor groups and there are 7 tutor groups in each House. The houses were named after the ancient national groups that formed Great Britain – Britons, Danes, Normans, Romans, Saxons and Vikings. Borlasians can instantly be identified as being members of a House through an additional coloured stripe in their school tie : Britons – Blue; Danes- Yellow; Normans – Green; Romans – Purple; Saxons – Red; Vikings – Orange.  The lastest House Cup scores are displayed on the Homepage of this website!

There are weekly House Assemblies and fortnightly Chapel Assemblies in Houses and Houses compete fiercely against one another across the year in a wide range of competitions in the hope of winning the House Cup presented on the last day of term.

Competitions cover just about every sport and include the whole school running a Cross Country race from Higginson’s Park and a whole day of Athletics in the summer term. There are also House competitions in Music, Drama and Dance with every student taking part and academic competitions in Mathematics, Spelling and Public Speaking.

Houses are led by two staff Heads of House and two student House Captains.