Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Parents and Carers

Sir William Borlase's Grammar School is committed to working closely with parents and carers to ensure that students are safe, happy and able to do their best at school.  We value the exceptionally high levels of parent support that we receive at Borlase.  Parents are most welcome to contact The Friends of Borlase if they would like to get involved in some of the great work they do in supporting the school and organising events. We are indebted to our parents who volunteer in key roles at the school and who come and speak to our students as part of our Careers and Lecture Series. We receive invaluable support from parents who donate what they can to the Here and Now Fund
Important information for Parents 
All queries and communications from parents are monitored and prioritised: please use the email
If the matter is pressing, do phone the school on 01628 816500
Reporting a Medical absence

Years 7-11 please email before 8.00 a.m.  or call 01628 816545

Years 12 and 13 please email before 8.00 a.m. or call 01628 816550  

The box office can be found on the homepage of the website, next to the calendar of upcoming events.  ParentPay can be accessed here, but is also to be found in the main blue menu that can be opened from any page on this website by clicking the three lined menu icon in the top right-hand corner.

Parents Evenings

Parents are able to book appointments for parents evening online. Parents will be notified when it is time to book appointments via Recent Mailings.

To book please visit to book your appointments.

Please login with the following information:

  • First contact’s title
  • First contact’s name
  • First contact’s surname
  • First contact’s email address
  • Student’s first name
  • Student’s surname
  • Student’s date of birth

Please note that the first contact is the first person named on your data collection sheet. Please contact the school office if you would like to change any of the details.

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the school office who will be happy to add appointments on your behalf.

School Uniform - Years 7-11

Our School Uniform Provider has changed. You can now obtain all uniform items from Hawkinsport:

Hawkinsport & Son, 10A, Wessex Road Industrial Estate, Wessex Rd, Bourne End SL8 5DT.


The school does not permit the following:

  • All types of headgear except cycle helmet or a plain black “beanie” for wear to and from school in inclement weather
  • Denim or leather type clothing
  • Sweatshirts, hooded or zipped tops
  • Scarf – other than the Borlase school or plain black scarf
  • Make-up
  • All types of jewellery (with the exception of simple unadorned earstuds, one per lobe) including rings, nose-studs, friendship bracelets, ankle bands, etc. A single charity band is permitted
  • Coloured T-shirts worn underneath white shirts
  • Belts wider than 3cm and decorative buckles
  • No extreme haircuts
  • Hairbands should be plain red, black or white
Blazer Black with school badge on breast pocket
Skirt/Trousers Skirt: Knee length, school skirt with school badge on the front or trousers to be tailored, mid grey, full length and not tight fitting.
Shirt White
Tie Red with house colours (you will be told which House you have been assigned to on transition day)
Shoes Black leather - low heeled, no open toes, no trainers
Socks or tights Dark coloured socks with trousers and black opaque tights 30+ denier with skirts.  Socks only in the summer term with skirt.
Pullover Plain black V-necked with school logo
Belt Optional: dark grey or black
Outdoor Wear Plain coat or anorak (no logos or external labels)
School Scarf Optional : available from Hawkinsport, or plain black scarf
Bookbag Borlase bookbag for use in the school day


Sixth Form uniform

Sixth Form Dress Code

The School Uniform and Sixth Form Dress Code is a key part of the Borlase identity. Our Sixth Form Dress Code reflects the leadership role our senior students play in the school while also proudly identifying them as part of the Borlase cohesive community. Therefore there is some freedom of choice within a clear set of corporate guidelines. Our Sixth Form has responsibility for leading the way in setting high standards for the school in all aspects of school life; sixth form dress is an important part of this responsibility.

The school does not permit the following:

  • Denim or leather type clothing

  • Sweatshirts, hooded or zipped tops

  • Scarf – other than the Borlase school or plain black scarf

  • Coloured T-shirts worn underneath white shirts

  • Belts wider than 3cm and decorative buckles

  • No extreme haircuts and hair must be of a natural colour

  • Hairbands should be plain red, black or white

  • Make-up should be discreet

  • No trainers or platform shoes

  • No nose rings or nose studs

Permitted Uniform


A black/dark grey/navy suit consisting of tailored jacket and full-length tailored trousers or tailored jacket and tailored skirt/shift dress.  Three piece suits are permitted with a matching waistcoat with trousers or skirts (tailored suits are matching pieces, not separate items of different fabrics). Skirt/dresses must be no more than 2 inches above the knee. 

Shirt A white shirt or blouse with collar and sleeves.

Sixth form ties in House colours are purchased from Hawkinsport online. They are worn by boys; however, all sixth formers are welcome to wear them.

Shoes Black, smart shoes.  No trainers, boots, canvas or platform
Tights and socks Dark socks with trousers; black, opaque tights 30
denier + with skirts (recommended through Autumn and Winter Terms). 
Jumpers/cardigans A fine-knit black/navy/dark grey v-necked jumper
or cardigan can be worn under a jacket, but not
instead of a jacket.  Round neck jumpers,
sweatshirts, hoodies or heavy-knit are
not permitted.
Outdoor coats A plain, dark coat may be worn over the jacket.
Make-up This should be discreet

A single pair of ear-rings, studs or droppers of up to
2 inches - to be removed for sport/dance or other
situations where requested. No nose rings or nose studs.


Students must be clean  shaven at all times unless exempt on religious or medical grounds. 

Sports Kit

Specific Sixth form PE kit is available at Hawkinsport.  It is possible to order a PE kit top that has Borlase Sport on the back of the item, or choose to have a specific sport eg Borlase Rowing/Hockey/Netball/Rugby/Football

Please wear SWBGS black leggings or branded leggings - provided they are BLACK and appropriate fit (e.g. no fitness style leggings, missing panels showing skin or large branding). Students can wear kit that are from previous years, e.g. Borlase Hockey / Rugby tops.

Headwear Religious headwear, a plain black "beanie" for wear to and from school in inclement weather, and a cycle helmet if applicable. 




Sport and PE Kit 

General Guidance

Watches and wallets must be handed to the teacher at the start of the PE lesson and should be clearly named.

The school takes NO responsibility for items of value, which are left in the changing room or cloakrooms at any time.

Mobile phones and MP3 players will not be accepted by PE staff. They should be put in lockers or named mobile phones can be left at Reception.

For girls Netball, Rounders and Hockey a skort must always be worn. For other games activities, SWBGS leggings may be worn without a skort.  Any other black leggings are only acceptable under a skort.

Shoes and hockey/soccer boots must be marked with indelible ink of a suitable colour.

All upper body kit MUST be labelled with 1” size name tags available from Hawkinsport.

Lower garments to have students initials printed on them (service also available at Hawkinsport).

For obtaining items of school sportswear and gameswear the local supplier is: Hawkinsport & Son, 10A, Wessex Road Industrial Estate, Wessex Rd, Bourne End SL8 5DT. Tel: 01628-819242.

Indoor PE Kit White Borlase House T-Shirt
  Black Shorts
  White Socks
  Clean trainers
Outdoor Games Kit Borlase reversible rugby shirt.  White Borlase t-shirt for the summer term or Borlase polo shirt
  Black Shorts (Cotton for rugby) or skort
  Borlase Football/Hockey socks.  White socks for the summer term
  Plain black or Borlase tracksuit bottoms for Autumn and Spring term only
  Black Borlase sweatshirt or fleece
  Outdoor trainers and rugby/football boots (studs or moulded)
  Shin pads and gum shield
Optional Items Holdall - Black with school logo and initials to fit in school locker
  Black Borlase fleece and waterproof jacket

Plain black or SWBGS leggings only to be worn under a skort/shorts


Supporting your child's mental health and wellbeing

We are committed to ensuring that we do all we can as a school to support our students' mental health and wellbeing.  A significant part of this is providing parents and carers with the information and guidance they need to support their children.

If you are concerned about the mental health or wellbeing of any Borlase student, please contact the school, in confidence, via parent@, the Key Stage teams or the DSL.

There are key organisations with whom we work closely as a school and who can provide advice and support to families: Buckinghamshire Mind, the Mental Health Foundation and the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families.

For students who wish to access support beyond that offered at school through our counsellors and 'Helping Hand' programme, we recommend Kooth and Shout.