Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Student Leadership

There is a tremendous culture of student leadership at Borlase.  Our students are determined, passionate and conscientious young people who are determined to "follow things worthy" and make a difference at Borlase, in our local community and in the wider world.  We provide leadership opportunities in our taught curriculum and in our extra-curricular provision.  This might be leading a group towards a team presentation, captaining a sports team or conducting a musical ensemble.  

We also have a team of 43 senior Year 13 students who serve as our prefect body.  Led by two School Captains, these students co-ordinate student leadership across the vast range of activities that go on at Borlase.  

Assuming the role of School Captain at such a distinguished school is not just a privilege but an opportunity to give back to a school which has given so much to me.  Borlase is a truly special and exciting place to be. I have found that this school teaches you how to think; it establishes a resolute mindset in each student resulting in an endless endeavour for excellence.  Borlase is a vibrant community consisting of constant opportunity and phenomenal support. I feel very lucky to have been able to learn and grow at such a supportive school.

Georgia Tuke, School Captain 2019-20

Our prefects work to ensure that the school House system runs smoothly, that Key Stage teams are supported, that academic clubs and societies in the STEM and Humanities and Languages subject thrive, that our Sports teams embody the Borlase values and that our performing arts go from strength to strength.  Without their service the school would not be able to offer the breadth of provision that distinguishes us.

Borlase provides a stimulating, caring and friendly environment that students love, allowing them to flourish.  It gives students the opportunities to find their passions – whether in their studies, the arts, sport or other fields – and equips them with the skills they need to pursue these passions to the highest level.

Callum Kunchur, School Captain 2019-20