Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Summer 2022 Examination Dates

The timetabled dates for the Summer 2022 Examination season can be found in the document below.  A Levels are listed first, by subject, then AS Levels and then GCSEs.

Please note that this is the generic awarding body schedule.  It does not allow for the resolution of any clashes - two different subjects whose papers are timetabled at exactly the same time on the same day.  These will be resolved by the Exams Officer and students will be notified directly when their individual candidate timetables are issued later this term.

Please also note that the last day of the exam season is Wednesday 29 June 2022, National Contingency Day, no matter what a student's final exam date might actually be.  If there should be regional or national disruption such that an awarding body felt it necessary to move a paper, this could be rescheduled on any day up to and including 29 June 2022.  If a student were not available for a rescheduled paper, they could be awarded zero marks for that exam and would not be entitled to special consideration for absence.  This contingency does not allow students to request the movement of an examination paper: this would be a local, regional or national Government decision to move a paper for every student.

This date applies to candidates in all schools nationally, and covers all exam boards, subjects and qualifications.