Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Summer 2023 Public Examinations

The summer exam series will start on Monday 15th May 2023.

Please find below a generic timetable showing the dates of all the examination papers.  Morning papers are coloured green and afternoon papers are coloured blue.

Examination clashes - where two papers of different subjects are timetabled at the same time - inevitably occur as the examination season is not long enough for the awarding bodies to create a timetable without them.  Please note that this generic timetable does not resolve any clashes that occur.   Students with clashes will be shown how these have been resolved when, later this term, individual candidate timetables are issued.  

It is essential that even if a student's last exam is sometime before National Contingency Day - Wednesday 28th June 2023 - that they remain available up to and including this day.  Should it become necessary - due to a regional or national event - for the Department of Education to request that an examination paper is moved, any student not available on the rescheduled date would receive zero marks for that paper and would not be entitled to special consideration for their absence.